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Preparing for Battle

So today is the day. I found a Speed Dating luncheon at a local cafe in the city, so this is where I am really going to and have a crack at meeting some new people.
I was looking online for tips and tricks, and while in my meandering, I came across a few major points of reference to try and get a proper conversations going….

Pay Attention to Your Appearance (goes without saying…)
Watch Your Body Language (smiles can make or break a date)
Don’t Be a Whiner (I am really a very positive person..)

Popular Questions to Prepare For:
* What are you most proud of in your life?
* Is religion important to you?
* What do you do for fun?
* Why did your last relationship end (Break-Up)?
* Do you want to get or have you ever been married?
* Do you want or do you have any children?
* If we got into an argument, how would we settle it?
* Where do you see yourself in five years?
* What do you do for work?
* Is sexual compatibility important to you?
* What do you look for in a (boy/girl)friend/spouse?

Some of these seem pretty daunting.
I did a lot of research and have decided that I can steer around a few answers that might make me look like a loser.
Loser Answer : Yeah I live by myself.
Winner Answer: I choose to live a really solitary life.

Loser Answer: Oh no, I have never had a girlfriend.
Winner Answer: When I meet the right girl, I’ll know. And that will be it for me.

Loser Answer: I have never had sex before.
Winner Answer: Intimacy is the most important thing to me.

I sound like a woman, I swear. But from what I’ve read, chicks dig that SNAG shit. I’m in for sure.

Today from 11:00am-1:00pm I will be speed dating a lucky few at Caffiene at Vault Cafe on Swanston St, Melbourne.

If any of my female readers are available, I’d love to chat. Come down for a coffee, I am pretty sure it is free to sign up.


Now There’s A Thought…

I don’t really know when it happened, and I am screwed if I can tell anyone why, but somewhere along the lines, I seem to have lost myself. I need to meet new people, I need to find new ways to get myself out there.

So I am online, as ever, and I come across the ever cliched ‘Speed Dating.’ Now, I know how this may sound, a young guy, massive creep, heading on out to find a desperately lovely woman in which that can both bask in a simple routine, in a simple life. (In reality, that actually doesn’t sound too bad.)
But that’s not what this is about. I just want to meet new people, preferable a lady :), and I want to meet people, that they themselves, are looking to make new friends.
That’s all I’m after. Friendship.

So Speed Dating – it’s a lot more romantic than it sounds, but there are a LOT of rules. A relatively new concept, it actually originated in 1998 at a Beverly Hills cafe, and since then I guess, it has really taken off. There is Online Speed Dating, Cafe’s, Nightclubs, International, Chat, Dinner and even Speed Dating Balls. Crazy.

So I guess it is now up to me to find a local event that is airing this kinda thing, and just, go.
That’s it. Just get on out there.

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