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I have had the most brilliant idea.
I was talking to my cousin Alistair ( great kid, pity is only 12) about my blog and facebook, and my mission to meet new people, and he told me that most blogs have videos on them. THAT’S how they get people to watch them! By posting videos.
So I have enlisted Alistair to come along with me to the Speed Dating and yeah, I will TOTALLY have a video of my success with the l a d i e s.


Then I can finally get some people reading my killer blog.


The WordPress ‘Blog.’

So here I am, newly introduced to this blogosphere that has set the world by storm. I guess it’s just a bit easier to begin by introducing myself a little bit.
My name is Simon Brown, I am a 21 year old student living here in Melbourne. I currently live in Carlton, in a sharehouse. Share, however is a bit of an overstatement. Where I live we don’t share anything, food, bills, conversations, glances – if I saw one of my housemates walking down the street, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

From what I gather, there is three of them, only for the sheer fact that the rent is split four ways. That’s about as far as my knowledge of them goes.

Anyway, I was just online talking to a few people in a forum, about ways to make friends and meet new people and they suggested I start a blog. From what I gather – a blog ;

usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events,

is kinda like an online diary. Seems a pretty girly thing to start up really, so I checked out a few more blogs, and decided that they actually have the potential to be awesome.

Man Blog

Examples of what’s to come, I think.

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