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Saturday Night Fever

So I guess this is part where I tell you one of the reasons I am finding it so hard to find a group of people I can hang out with. I mean people our age, they don’t go to a coffee shop and just sit next to anyone they like (I tried it, verrrry awkward.) They go ‘out,’ to places with music, where you don’t have to talk, just dance. This struggles for two main reasons.

ONE: I am a very charismatic person. I have spent a long time in perfecting my personality; I follow all the rules, do some research, I am complimentary and I listen. However, if I don’t get to talk to people over the music what are they going to be able to judge me on?

TWO: Dancing. That is exactly what they will judge me on, and I cannot dance. Not at all. Not in the smallest sense of the world. I have tried, god I have tried. I can jump, I can step, I can sway, but I can’t really do them all together.
I have analyzed my lack of rhythm into some graphs, and you can see that each of my separate dance moves, they work well, and in rhythm. But for the life of me, I cannot get them to compound together to create a full dancing body.
Simply put, I can only dance in one dimension. That is why I think this Goth party might work at well for me, it is only in one dimension, jumping up and down. I better get practicing….

OHHHHH…. If only…


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