Here They Are!!

Check it out!

So good ol’ Alistair has put more videos up of my meanderings!
I decided to make a seperate wordpress PAGE for them.
I am totally down with all this social media stuff now.


Check it out!



I have decided to throw a poker game at my place.
There are a few online buddies I have made that are in the Carlton area, so I guess this is a chance to really make some buddies.
I created an event on my Facebook and so far of the 15 I have invited, two have said yes. It’s a start.

I think it’s going to be a rockin’ party.

I hope they turn up! And this all pans out better than last time???


New Ideas

So I’ve started getting quite a few friends on Facebook, and I mean that’s all going really well and all but I think I need to branch out a bit and find a way for us to all hang out a bit more online.
That’s the problem with having so many friends online – day to day I feel so desperately lonely. I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to. I don’t have anyone I can trust.
Then it hits 10pm and there they are, USA, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales – they are all there. These new friends bring a culture to our conversations that I find fucking awesome. But by 2am I am too tired and I’m off to bed.
Only to wake to a new day, a new day of nothing…

An online friend invited me to play Poker at 2am tomorrow morning, so I am going to learn how to play, maybe this will even be something that I am good at! Hopefully the stimulation this game provides is enough to keep me awake.

I got some sweet poker tips online, the help my ‘game.’

Now, I’m going to try my hand at this whole online poker thing. I am sure I will cane it, I am very strategic after all!


A Slight Dilemma…

So I have a bit of a problem in the world of the interwebs…
You see, I made this friend …. for argument’s sake let’s call her H.
Now H and I don’t really talk much, in fact, we are merely Facebook friends that added each other.

Enter new friend, B who is actually a friend of H and added me out of curiosity of my association with H.
Do I tell B that H and I are not really friends?

Trouble is, he seems like a top lad, and I think we get along really well, but I don’t want him to think I am like a castaway or anything…
What to do?



I can tell you, there’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness. On the odd occasion, when I step outside the house, I come across ladies. And it doesn’t take much to get me salivating — just legs are probably enough. I mean, let’s put it this way. Say there’s me, and then there’s this other guy, and he’s got a girlfriend, and he’s at least *three times* more attractive than me. Now conventional reasoning would suggest that I may not be attractive enough to get a girlfriend at all, but this other guy can get a gf because he’s 3x my attractiveness.
But if this guy has *one* girlfriend, and I have *one third* of his attractiveness, logically I should at least be getting *one third* of a girlfriend right now. And I’d be quite happy with that. Maybe me and two other guys of similar attractiveness could share one girl and *collectively*, we’d be good enough to make up one proper boyfriend. So.. Where the hell is my 1/3 lady friend? Unfortunately, society doesn’t work this way. The dividing of girlfriends into smaller parts is generally frowned upon…. so I guess I’m going to have to “man up” and “catch a whole one”…. shit.


Why So Serious?

The goth party came and went.
I don’t really know what to say. It was another failure. You know, failure doesn’t even come CLOSE.
I dunno about these Goths. I guess they are more than sad, there is something wrong with them. I guess that’s why, the night ended the .. uh unique… way that it did.
I tried though, I really did.
I used my lingo, showed off my dance moves, I got deep, I broke conversations with a sneaky joke, but to no avail.

Simon Brown. Lone Ranger. Nomad.


Saturday Night Fever

So I guess this is part where I tell you one of the reasons I am finding it so hard to find a group of people I can hang out with. I mean people our age, they don’t go to a coffee shop and just sit next to anyone they like (I tried it, verrrry awkward.) They go ‘out,’ to places with music, where you don’t have to talk, just dance. This struggles for two main reasons.

ONE: I am a very charismatic person. I have spent a long time in perfecting my personality; I follow all the rules, do some research, I am complimentary and I listen. However, if I don’t get to talk to people over the music what are they going to be able to judge me on?

TWO: Dancing. That is exactly what they will judge me on, and I cannot dance. Not at all. Not in the smallest sense of the world. I have tried, god I have tried. I can jump, I can step, I can sway, but I can’t really do them all together.
I have analyzed my lack of rhythm into some graphs, and you can see that each of my separate dance moves, they work well, and in rhythm. But for the life of me, I cannot get them to compound together to create a full dancing body.
Simply put, I can only dance in one dimension. That is why I think this Goth party might work at well for me, it is only in one dimension, jumping up and down. I better get practicing….

OHHHHH…. If only…

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